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6 Tips to Prepare for your Spa Day

Ski vacations can be tiresome so take a day off skiing without the guilt! You’ve endured the stress of planning your trip for the past 6-12 months, successfully packed appropriate clothing for the family taking into account various temperatures, coordinated getting the kids off to ski school in time, so now is the time to focus on you! What will make your trip the most enjoyable? It’s time to let the family hit the slopes while you find peace and relaxation at a spa. Here are a few simple tips for creating the perfect spa day.

Ask questions

The spa experience you are longing for should meet and exceed your expectations. Often we see friends or spouse’s book for another person, which is something we do not recommend. Our receptionist needs to understand what you want and not what your friend or spouse thinks you want. Take charge of your spa day ensuring you book the appointment yourself. Beyond the treatment, service providers differ as well so if you have an ailment, medical condition, or preference please share with the receptionist to ensure they schedule you with the best treatment provider to suit your needs.

Arrive early

Nothing is relaxing about rushing and arriving late to the spa, which may mean your treatment time will be cut short if the treatment provider’s schedule is not flexible. Ditch the anxiety and allow extra time to get to the spa. Whether you choose to use the spa amenities before your service or just relax in the lounge with hot tea and a magazine, you will appreciate the sense of calm that will surround your spa time.

Hit the Gym

If the spa you choose has a gym facility, be sure to check out the group fitness classes online in advance. Some spas will waive the cost of the fitness class on the day of your spa service, and others include a nominal fee. Our fitness classes are complimentary on the day of your spa service. Offering over 60+ group fitness classes to choose from each week, you’ll be sure to find the right class at the right time for you. We suggest starting with yoga or Pilates, or if you can’t make a group class – hop on a Peloton bike and take a virtual spin class on your own time.

Bring a Swimsuit

Your swimsuit made it with you to Colorado, but don’t forget to bring it to the spa. Most spas offer water amenities to enjoy complimentary on the day of your spa service. Our spa offers an outdoor saltwater pool with a lap lane and infinity hot tubs overlooking the Eagle River. If you forget your suit, don’t fret! Our locker room amenities include a steam room and dry sauna which are available for use without a swimsuit.

Talk to your Service Provider

Your massage therapist will periodically check in with you on temperature, pressure, and technique. Your esthetician will review your skin needs and your expectations before she begins. Don’t be afraid to speak up to ensure the service tailors to your needs. Our staff will not be offended as they want you to enjoy your experience so communicating is key! Ex. More pressure, less talking, and questions about products applied to your skin, etc.

Take it Home

While you are extremely relaxed at the end of your visit, no one likes the feeling of leaving the spa! Take a piece of the spa home with you from whether it’s a custom massage oil, organic moisturizer, a new skin care regimen or a cozy spa robe to keep the experience going!

For scheduling your next spa service at Spa Anjali please visit and call us at 970-790-3020.

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