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Is the fast track right for you?

Intermittent fasting are big buzzwords in 2018! If it sounds crazy to you, let me explain why it might be something worth trying! There are actually many benefits to going 12-16 hours without food. This may seem daunting, but really it's just a reasonably early dinner until breakfast time. When we eat often our body is in a constant state of processing and digesting food. Here are all the wonderful things our body's can do when we take a little "sabbatical" from consumption:

1. Insulin levels drop, allowing us to burn fat.

2. Cellular repair occurs.

3. Risk of insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes is reduced.

4. Oxidative stress and inflammation are lowered.

5. Brain function is improved, we even think it can help prevent Alzheimer's disease.

Do your research and see if you think IF it is for you! A diet rich in whole-foods with healthy fats, fiber and some protein will help you meet your IF goals! Build up slowly by going dinner to early breakfast without eating. If that feels great, move on to longer fasts! If you experience symptoms of blood sugar imbalance (anxiety, shaking, fatigue, brain fog, etc.) back off and tweak the timing.

About Christine:

Christine Pierangeli - Certified Master Nutrition Therapist

Christine earned her credentials as a Master Nutrition Therapist from Denver’s acclaimed Nutrition Therapy Institute and board certified in holistic nutrition. Christine’s education has provided her with the tools necessary to create holistic, whole-foods based nutrition plans that serve her clients unique needs. Find support and empowerment that will last a lifetime of healthy habits.

Learn more here or email Christine at

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