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Straight Talk (the knee, that is!)

By Andrew Broderick, PT, DPT, CSCS Howard Head Sports Medicine

Have you ever had a knee injury and something just doesn’t feel right? Often when the knee is injured, it will swell. When it swells, this can prevent you from straightening the knee, and if you cannot straighten the knee, this will lead to a slight limp. However, a small limp can lead to bigger knee joint issues longer term.

Here is why:

  • Common with post-surgical patients, one of the biggest factors that influence your motion AFTER surgery is how much motion you had BEFORE surgery. I.e. if your knee is not straight going into surgery, it will be significantly harder to get it straight after surgery.

  • In order to walk without a limp, you will need to be able fully straigthen the knee.

  • If you are unable to walk without a limp, you start to load the cartilage in the knee in a way that it isn’t used to and can be detrimental to the knee joint surfaces. Below is one of the exercises that can aid in getting your knee straight.

Our Howard Head Sports Medicine team is extremely well versed in being able to determine what is the cause of your limp (whether you’ve had a surgery or not). Make an appointment so that we can straighten things out for you (literally, if need be).

Located in the Westin Riverfront Resort and Spa, the Avon physical therapists optimize use of the clinic space, as well as hotel amenities including the fitness center and salt water pool for your treatment.

This clinic offers treatment for all orthopedic and sports medicine injuries and postoperative care. (970) 845-9600 |


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