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Spa Massage in Beaver Creek CO | Spa Anjali

Feel revived with a massage tailored to your needs: relaxing, stretching, or nurturing.
Ask our knowledgeable staff which massage is right for you.


All massage oil and body butter are organic and locally sourced.


Request an appointment online or call our Spa Concierge at (970) 790-3020    


Custom Massage

With this personalized massage you can blend the benefits of a relaxing swedish massage and therapeutic deep tissue massage to cater to individual needs.

50 min  $175    80 min  $250    100 min  $275 

Deep Tissue Massage
Sports-specific stretches begin your therapeutic massage to ease pain and stiffness while increasing joint mobility. Arnica balm is applied to overworked muscles alleviating inflammation and soreness.

50 min  $175    80 min  $250    100 min  $275 

CBD Massage

This massage uses CBD hemp oil designed to hydrate and rejuvenate your skin while easing the inevitable aches and pains of an active lifestyle. Muscle specific work focuses on problem areas including tension, pain, injuries and chronic ailments. 

50 min  $200    80 min  $275    100 min  $300 

Sports Massage

Sports-specific stretches begin your therapeutic massage to ease pain and stiffness while increasing joint mobility. 

80 min  $250    100 min  $275 

Pre-Natal Massage

Extra care and attention is given for the mother’s comfort during this relaxing massage. This treatment includes an optional belly balm application to aid in reducing stretch marks.

50 min  $175    75 min $250

Riverstone Massage

Heat from river stones penetrates through layers of muscle providing benefits of deep tissue massage while enjoying relaxing Swedish massage techniques. This treatment is ideal for anyone looking to alleviate stress, release toxins and relieve pain from sore muscles. Includes HEAT.

75 min  $250    100 min  $280

In-Room Massage

Experience a custom massage in the privacy and convenience of your guest room. Enhance your experience with a Wellness Bath $25. Choose from: High-Altitude Recovery or Restful Sleep.

80 min 75 min  $280      100 min  $325

Couples Massage

Share your spa experience with someone special. Relax side-by-side while receiving a full body massage with a choice of organic massage oils. Price is per person. 

50 min  $175    80 min  $250 

Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Table massage is an ancient system of healing with its root in yoga. This massage combines gentle rocking, pressure point therapy and assisted stretches in order to relax and revitalize the body and mind. Please wear loose fitting clothing for this massage.

50 min  $175    80 min  $250    100 min  $275 

Sleep Well Massage

Calm the mind and body during the Sleep Well massage. Enjoy the relaxing benefits of a Swedish massage combined with organic lavender essential oil and warm river stones. This dreamy massage will help the body unwind and ensure a sound and restful sleep.

80 min  $260    100 min  $280 


Must be booked in conjunction with a massage.

Hot Oil Treatment (hands or feet) | Target Scrub (back or feet) | Therapeutic Muscle Balm | Hydrating Shea Butter | Hot Stone | Percussive Therapy



Travel Recovery Massage 

Melt tension, improve flexibility, increase blood flow, and decrease soreness after a long day of travel. This unique treatment uses a custom oil blend of rosemary, peppermint and geranium to offset the negative effects of flying fatigue. A powerful, deep massage uses traditional techniques combined with the Theragun Percussive Therapy tool allowing you to start your vacation relaxed and refreshed.

80 min  $250     100 min $280

Spa Massage in Beaver Creek CO | Spa Anjali
Spa Massage in Beaver Creek CO | Spa Anjali

Barefoot Recovery Massage

Barefoot massage, also known as Ashiatsu, is a Deep Tissue technique in which the therapist uses their feet, rather than hands, to perform the service. This technique allows for very deep, long strokes over the body. There is less discomfort than traditional deep tissue work with up to 3 times more pressure.  Benefits include pain relief, increased flexibility and long lasting results. A must try for deep tissue fans!

80 min  $250     100 min $280

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