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Yoga in Beaver Creek, CO | Athletic Club at Westin


As you step into Studio Anjali, you will notice the styles of yoga we offer are grounded in recognizable yoga traditions and philosophies. Each practice offers different ways to explore, deepen, and awaken the body/mind/spirit connection.


Our instructors provide guidance in the practices they are uniquely qualified to teach and offer insight into Yoga supporting practices that go beyond the mat. Offering unique classes that will leave you feeling energized and renewed. Private instruction, studio rental and private group instruction available.  

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When cancelling a group fitness class, please allow a minimum of 24 hour’s notice so that others have the opportunity to join. There is a  $10 fee for any class cancellations made within 24 hours of the class start time. No-shows will also be charged a $10 fee.



Aerial yoga uses a hammock as a prop for yoga asanas and postures, which can be used for all styles of yoga. The hammock is there to help you, assist you, hold on to you, deepen stretches and to allow all to invert without compressing the spine.


Hatha yoga practices move more slowly to cultivate steadiness and bodily awareness where the whole body is integrated thus bringing a lightness to the practice. This is a perfect class for those seeking a slower pace with heightened awareness of how to align the body with breath and movements.


Flow yoga sequences postures from one to another with the flow of the breath. A rhythmic movement that enlivens the body, activates a depth in the breath, and generates a rise in body temperature. It is great for individuals wanting to flow between poses or elevate the heart rate.


Hot Flow yoga practices combine yoga flow with warmer room temperatures. Temperatures are set around 90 degrees and 40% humidity resulting in an environment that stimulates sweating, supports deeper postures and releases toxins. Heightened attention to the breath assists this practice when body temperatures are elevated. Practitioners leave this practice with a vibrant glow cultivated from the inside out!

Restorative yoga focuses on the gentle, calming, and therapeutic aspects of poses where the opening of the poses happens as the body naturally surrenders to gravity. With the assistance of supportive props, each posture is held in deep relaxation. This rejuvenating practice benefits anyone with injuries, high levels of stress, or anyone needing a quiet moment to rest the body and mind.


Flow & Restore yoga is a gracefully sequenced class blending the fluid movements and strength building with the calming effects of restorative yoga. The first portion is in awakening the breath and body. The second portion goes deeper into a meditative state with gentle breath work and body positioning.


The MELT Method® (MELT®) is a treatment using a soft Melt roller and ball to reduce the effects of accumulated tension and stress caused by daily living.

Yoga Classes in Vail
Yoga in Beaver Creek, CO | Athletic Club at Westin
Yoga Instructors


At Studio Anjali you will find a diversity of yoga instructors, whose professional and personal backgrounds bring an expertise to the mat that is grounding, informative, and creative. Each instructor is committed to providing yoga instruction that supports deeper understanding in the body/mind/spirit connection. 

Moonstone Jackson | Westin Spa Yoga

Moonstone Jackson

Moonstone has been a practitioner of yoga for many years. He has studied under Lisa Richards, along with a host of other inspirational yogis. Traveling to India and Nepal with his guru, Dandapani has shaped Moonstone’s yogic philosophy, creating a transformation from yoga as a physical practice to an all-encompassing way of life. He inspires his students towards physical and spiritual inquiry through a lighthearted and celebratory practice. Vinyasa-based Moonstone flows will elevate your energy and inevitably, lead to bliss.

Tara Goike | Westin Spa

Tara Goike

Tara Goike has been teaching yoga in the Vail Valley since 2003 and has more than 500 hours of yoga teacher training in vinyasa, restorative, aireal yoga, fluid power, budokon and yoga for kids.  Growing up as a trained athlete in gymnastics and springboard diving, she learned the commitment of athletics and staying fit mentally and physically. In 2001, she took her first yoga class and immediately fell in love with the athleticism and mental clarity of this art. Tara's classes are dynamic and powerful, creative and energizing. Join her in our monthly restorative practices where you leave feeling renewed and rested. 

joe joe Westin Spa Beaver Creek


Joe Joe began yoga practice in '99, and '03 became a life practice. Joe Joe has trained and practiced under, for and with some of the most sought after world known teachers of our time. Joe Joe practiced and trained for many years before he allowed himself to teach. His need to spend time with his understanding of his life at that time. And to embody the living practice. From its origins, to how we are maintaining, and passing along this great living practice.


5 years of over 1000 hours of official dedicated teacher training: one to three a year. Assisted for main two teachers: public classes (over 100 people), yoga retreats (domestic/international) and assisted for their teacher training (domestic/international).  Joe Joe is enjoying life in the mountains with some of most mind-blowing communities of athletes and yogis he has ever met! 


Morgan Kulas

Morgan Kulas is an artist and educator who was introduced to yogic studies as a young dancer in art school. She has been a devoted student of Hatha Yoga, Daoyin Arts, and Zen Buddhism since 2005. She has been teaching since 2011. Her practice and teachings are grounded in a sincere desire to transform suffering into understanding and to heal the body-mind-spirit connection. 

Morgan brings to her offerings a lifetime of training in classical and contemporary dance as well as considerable practice and study in Eastern Arts, Philosophies, and Sciences. When teaching yoga asana, some days she gravitates towards long holds in postures, buoyed up by props. Other days she loves a sweaty flow and the curiosity of her edge. 
Morgan is registered with Yoga Alliance as a 500 E-RYT and is the founder of Aarunya Yoga School. She is currently receiving her MFA in Interdisciplinary Art and Regenerative Culture at University of Hartford. Her mission is to restore connections between people and the earth through community centered movement and meditation offerings.


Maura Brickman

Certification E-RYT 200. Maura first became a yoga instructor in 2005 after practicing for a few years and realizing how much of a positive impact the yoga techniques had on her mental and physical well-being.  She believes that daily yoga and meditation is a great way to support oneself through the ups and downs that life brings, and that we can adapt our practice each day to accommodate our mental and physical needs. Maura is trained in various yoga styles such as Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative, and Pre-natal yoga, and is currently working towards her 500hr Yoga Medicine Certification with her favorite teacher Tiffany Cruickshank.  Maura teaches classes that focus on balance, awareness, strength, stability, and stress relief.


Kayla Weber

Kayla Weber is a Michigan native who has been living in Vail, Colorado since 2013. She has a bachelor's degree in natural resources biology from Central Michigan University and was a naturalist in Vail before starting her journey into mindfulness and emotional coping mechanisms in 2017. She has certificates in nature and forest therapy guiding, Grief Recovery Method, Mindful Grieving, yoga 200 hr, and is a sound healing practitioner throughout the Eagle River Valley. She has been combining her skills from these practices to create safe and holistic healing opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds. 

Felicia Headshot.jpg

Felicia Romero-Scott

Felicia tried her first Heated Vinyasa Yoga class and was immediately hooked as she noticed a huge difference physically, mentally, and spiritually. She wanted to share the benefits of yoga and deepen her own practice, so she enrolled in YTT200 to help others find a sense of contentment, self-awareness and mind body connection on their mat. Felicia finds immense love and inspiration in teaching and seeing students discover their own journey and enjoys nurturing and encouraging them along their path. She consistently continues her education and completed her YTT300 training with Jonny Kest Oct. 20 2020, and is now YTT500-RYT. Felicia, her husband, dog, and two cats just recently moved back to the Valley and couldn’t be happier.  She is proud to lead yoga classes at Westin Athletic Club in hopes to grow and share the life changing benefits of a yoga practice. During her free time, you will find her hanging out in the sun with her hubby and dog, or enjoying a visit from her adult children playing and doing all the fun activities the beautiful mountains have to offer.


Vicki Balabous

Teaching is at the heart of what I love. As a full-time snowboard instructor in the winter, yoga compliments all our other athletic activities. Yoga is freedom and release, a connection of the mind, body, and soul and I am here to help others find this release so that they can comfortably and competently move their bodies through life.

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