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Athletic Club at Westin in Avon, CO


Inform your nutrition choices and make a healthy lifestyle commitment with the help of one of our Certified Master Nutrition Therapist. Find optimal health and your peak performance through nutritional knowledge, support and empowerment. Let our Certified Master Nutritionist Therapist create a customized plan for you.  Schedule by contacting us at or 970.790.2051. 


1 Visit Nutrition Consultation - Member

1 Visit Nutrition Consultation - Non-Member

3 Visits Nutrition Consultation - Member

3 Visits Nutrition Consultation - Non-Member

5 Visits Nutrition Consultation - Member

5 Visits Nutrition Consultation - Non-Member









Christine Pierangeli - Certified Master Nutrition Therapist 

Christine earned her credentials as a Master Nutrition Therapist from Denver’s acclaimed Nutrition Therapy Institute and board certified in holistic nutrition. Christine’s education has provided her with the tools necessary to create holistic, whole-foods based nutrition plans that serve her clients unique needs. Find support and empowerment that will last a lifetime of healthy habits.

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