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Meet Jimme Lyn Our Club Manager and Learn Why Yoga Is Her Go-to

Jimme Lyn - Vail Yoga

Here at The Athletic Club, we are excited to start a bio series on our trainers and staff. To kick off our series, let us introduce one of our newest staff and instructors to the club, our Club Manager Jimme Lyn Gatz. Jimme Lyn is new to the Valley, moving here in the summer of 2017, but since then she has jumped in head first and brought her incomparable energy.

Jimme Lyn | Spa Anjali Yoga Classes

Yoga Is More than Fitness

While Jimme Lyn’s role is primarily administrative, she brings with her a background in dance, yoga and a general love for fitness. Both disciplines provide a wealth of knowledge that Jimme Lyn is proud of and incorporates into her life and work on a daily basis. Jimme Lyn was first introduced to yoga as a dancer, but what started as a supplementary way to cross-train eventually became her go-to. Now as a certified yoga instructor, yoga is her go-to for more than just fitness. “Yoga not only offers a full-body workout, but it also offers a connection to your mind and body like no other exercise,” says Jimme Lyn.

Yoga is rewarding and can be gratifying in many ways, but even Jimme Lyn acknowledges it is not something that will always come without challenge. “Be patient with yourself. As with anything, it takes time.” Reminding us that the journey can often be enjoyed more than the outcome.

Summed up into a few words Jimme Lyn advises us to “Live in the moment, step out of your comfort zone and always move forward,” and we are excited to have her as a part of ACW’s team.

Next time you are at the Club, keep an eye out for Jimme Lyn. She will be around with the team managing our operations and teaching classes here and there. Also, if you are interested in membership at the Athletic Club, Jimme is the best contact to answer your questions. View more information about membership here or email Jimme at

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