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5 Tips for a Healthier Heart

Tips for a Healthier Heart

February is heart health month and gyms across the country are stepping up their programming to include motivation and awareness for improving your health. Here in the Vail Valley, we will be partnering with Starting Hearts which is a local nonprofit dedicated to saving the lives of sudden cardiac arrest victims through free CPR and DEFIB training and access programs. Preventative measures are the key to reducing such risks and a few simple lifestyle adjustments can improve your life by strengthening your heart.

We’ve compiled a short list of a few helpful tips you can easily integrate into your daily routine.

WATER Help your heart do its job by drinking water. Your heart is constantly working, pumping about 2,000 gallons of blood a day. Gone are the days of the suggested 64oz of water per day. To find out how much you should drink, simply divide your weight in half (ex. 160lbs = 80oz of water). By drinking enough water, you’re adequately hydrating your body and reducing the pressure on your heart which is essential. Plus you also reaping the benefits of boosting your mood, maintaining a healthy body weight, and reducing chapped lips and dry skin.

MAGNESIUM Many Americans are deficient in magnesium, which is a very important mineral that helps calm us, relaxes the heart and decreases blood pressure making it a very important nutrient for our heart health. Our resident nutritionist, Christine Pierangeli, suggests good sources of magnesium include black beans, the grain millet, and sunflower seeds. Learn more at Christine’s Edible Education session on February 6th at 5:15pm at The Lift located inside of the Westin Riverfront.

ANNUAL CHECK-UPS Visit your doctor for essential annual check-ups is essential for monitoring your health for preventative measures. Take advantage of the 6th annual Starting Hearts event which will be held at Colorado Mountain College, Edwards campus on Friday, February 9th from 8-12pm. For just $99, you’ll receive $1200 worth of cardiac screenings and the morning also includes a silent auction, featured demonstrations, and visit with health and wellness vendors and enjoy heart-healthy brunch.

CARDIO The American Heart Association suggests physical activity will reduce your risk or heart disease and stroke. To improve your overall cardiovascular health, a good rule of thumb is to commit to working out thirty minutes a day, five times a week. On February 10th, bring the family and participate in the Westin’s Heart Hero 5K run/walk at 9:00am which will be led by XTERRA world champion Josiah Middaugh. Don’t forget to wear the suggested attire and run as a Superhero! If you cannot make our 5K run, become a member of the Athletic Club at the Westin in the month of February and we will donate a portion of your initiation fee to Starting Hearts.

STRESS REDUCTION In a technology-filled and sleep-deprived world, setting aside time to relax and rest is essential. Restorative yoga class includes bolsters, blankets, and blocks allow you get comfy so your muscles can relax deeply. Calm your mind with gentle movements and deep belly breaths. Try our heart opening restorative yoga class at 4:00pm on February 10th with instructor Tara Goike. Class concludes with a glass of red wine and dark chocolate and all proceeds will be donated to Starting Hearts. View our complete class schedule here.

For more information on our offers and events please visit or call 970-790-2051 and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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