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Enhancing your Natural Beauty

Eyelash Extensions Vail

Ladies, if you’re looking to enhance your natural beauty, try eyelash extensions! Spa Anjali launched this service to locals, members and resort guests alike. Whether you have short lashes or those would prefer forgoing mascara, this service could be perfect for you!

Eyelash Extensions Vail Brianna Smith

Brianna (Bri) Smith is a lifetime local in the Vail Valley and has joined the Spa Anjali team is certified in cosmetology offering facials and eyelash extensions. We asked Bri to share her insight about eyelash extensions, who would enjoy them, how to care for them and how long they last:

Q: How should I arrive to the spa? Bri: It would be most ideal to show up with no eye makeup, but foundation is okay.

Q: How long does a full set take vs. a fill? Bri: A full set can take up to 2 hours, depending on how full the client wants the lashes to be. A fill should take approximately 60 minutes.

Q: What are the lashes made out of? Bri: The lashes we use are made of silk where as some other brands use mink.

Q: How are they adhered? Bri: Lashes are adhered to each individual lash using Bella Lashes Diamond Glue.

Q: How long do they last? Bri: The amount of time in which lashes last depends mostly on the natural shedding process of the person's real eyelashes. Our glue has a 6-8 week retention time so some lashes will last that long but definitely not all of them.

Q: Are they for special events or everyday wear? Bri: Since lash extensions last so long they are typically for an everyday look.

Q: Do they harm my existing lashes? Bri: When the lashes are applied correctly, they do not cause damage to the natural lash. However, over time they will wear on the lashes. It's a similar concept to acrylic or gel nails, eventually you'll want to take a breather.

Q: Can they get wet the same day they’re applied? Bri: Once applied the lashes need to stay dry for at least 24 hours, but we will have a misting device that will shrink the time down to 6 hours!

Q: What type of person is the ideal client? Bri: The ideal client is someone who has a minimal eye makeup routine, but is okay with a little bit of maintenance and up keep. If all you do is wear mascara they would be perfect for you! The client can definitely still wear eye makeup, it just adds more cleaning and an "extension safe" mascara to their routine if they chose to use mascara to cover the powder residue from their eye shadow.

Q: What do you like most about offering this service to guests? Bri: It give clients an immediate feeling of confidence once the lashes are completed and we are the first spa in the valley to offer eyelash extensions!

Q: What other tips would you like to share? Bri: With eyelash extensions you cannot use an oil based makeup remover. We recommend Eminence Organics herbal eye makeup remover available here at Spa Anjali ($31) is our favorite, but you can find other safe removers. It is very important that you clean them nightly. A Q-tip or cotton ball will work well without rubbing the eyes to remove the natural oils on the lashes. Without wiping them down each night, the oil will break down the glue and the extensions won’t last.

To schedule an eyelash extension appointment call 970-790-3020. Special pricing available on your first set + first fill.

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